Welcome To Territory Servant

Super Useful. High Quailty. Built To Serve.


Control your territories with reports & statistics. Create Territory Cards with handcrafted quailty

Awesome Managment

Remembers your territory check in , out history and then prints a report just for the C.O.

Designed To Excel

Territory Map Quality

Built with territory map quailty at the forefront. We use the best maps found today, with excellent coding to take full advantage of the maps.


Hate the feeling when your check in out book is out of sync with what territories you actually have on hand? We are here to help.


See how often your congregations territory is covered. Was your Memorial Campaign better this year? Let us show you. *coming soon

How good are the maps exactly?


Select the exact streets for the publisher to work. Only want one half of the street worked? No Problem


Just like in Google maps or Bing maps etc you have control to the zoom of the map. Do you want the territory to show a border view or would you like to see big picture?


The limits to what you can create is up to you. Custom Label, One sided streets markings, Shape overlays!

Territory Servant, its in the name!

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